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Here at Wingwackers.com we share or undying passion for the sport of duck hunting in Northeast Wisconsin and we welcome all fellow hunters to come and enjoy what this sport has to offer.

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About Us.

We spend all year anticipating the beginning of duck season. Some would call it a sickness; spending all summer long browsing your favorite magazines, polishing your guns, and ordering gear for the up and coming season. Some how we can't seem to get enough. As this season approaches and our camping trip nears for the Northern Wisconsin opener in "Woody Alley", the suspense grows greater. The thought of dozens of ducks cupping into an early morning decoy spread or a majestic sunrise over the frost covered terrain gives me a sense of serenity. The comradery between friends or the companionship of your trusty hunting dog can be matched by none. This is why we're here.

Why We Do It.

Duck hunting is an invigorating experience that can be enjoyed by hunters of all ages and levels of skill. This fast paced sport will keep you on your toes and have you begging for more.

Invite A Friend.

We encourage you all share this experience with a child or friend and keep the tradition alive. They will never forget it. Happy hunting to all, and thank you for visiting.


De Pere, WI 54115
United States

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